Winter Fashion-Cozy At-Home Style

For those who prefer to stay indoors, or the rest of us who have to go outside in the winter, but relish getting home and getting cozy, here’s one way to carry it out with style.

Cozy At-Home Style

Just like the description says, this look is all about cozy comfort. Whatever the weather is doing outside, blustery snow or frigid sunshine, you have the luxury of being indoors, hopefully in a well-insulated setting.

Let me break it down to the elements. The staple pieces of this ensemble include an undershirt, a shirt or cardigan, leggings, and socks. Simple enough? Almost. It can’t just be any item of those categories. For it to be cozy and winter fashion, there are a few details you need to adhere to.

First rule of thumb, nothing can match. That’s the most essential part of the I’m-at-home-and-I-don’t-care look. A carefully put together ensemble will give no one the impression that you worked so hard to not match. They must get the impression that you just grabbed some random pieces out of your laundry basket and threw them on. If you have a talent for these things, you might just be able to do that.



Second, toss in as many prints as you can. Plaid is a perfect option. Not only does it add a classic, bold print, it also says has that lumberjack-in-a-log-cabin-in-winter feel. Let your personality show with a quirky print. This example includes little lovable penguins. The sock print has that Scandinavian-we-knit-sweaters-all-winter-long-because-we’re-snowbound style. We might have missed an opportunity with the plain white camisole.

Third, use warm, cozy fabrics. This ensemble combines worn-in flannel, sweater knit stretchiness, and wool blend footwear. How else will you get the ‘cozy’ in this style?

Finally, there is only one accessory you need, and it’s a must-have. This look is not complete without a white mug. The size and shape don’t matter as long as it’s white. And it has to hold some hot drink of your choice. Not only will this make your insides cozy, it also serves as a hand warmer. It will even warm your face when inhale the warm delicious scent of whatever you put in there. The best part is, you can refill it to your heart’s delight and carry it around all day. No one will judge you and the bathroom is near when it inevitably makes it through your system.

To summarize, this look is all about making a statement. That statement says, “I’m at home, I’m comfortable, and I don’t care what you think.” Go ahead and embrace it. No one will see you anyway, except maybe the pizza guy.

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