Snow Day

I like a good winter. I love to see the snow fall. I particularly enjoy seeing a beautiful blanket of fresh snow covering the world.

#hightide rushing into a small cove. #maine #newengland #winter #sea

A video posted by Izabel Williams (@iz.will) on Feb 11, 2017 at 9:08am PST


I probably enjoy winter  so much because I have the good fortune of living in an area where it rarely gets ugly and grimy with too much car exhaust. I have a warm home. My commute to work is a short one, so my time maneuvering through slick roads is limited. I also am lucky enough that my guy’s particular brand of romance includes shoveling out the car rather than giving me flowers which inevitably fade. I am more than fine with that.

I remember well those days growing up in which I hated winter. Every school day included fighting the blistery winds coming off an angry Atlantic, never being able to get home fast enough to avoid the ritual of melting my frozen fingers under the slightly warmer cold water faucet, pulling up a chair to sit inches from the stove to keep warm while doing homework, and taking an hour to fall asleep under four comforters because that’s how long it took to stop shivering.

One’s view of the season changes drastically when comfort is at one’s reach.

Bundled up in appropriate layers, I took a nice walk down to the water’s edge in the middle of today’s 10 inch snow storm. We haven’t had much of a winter until the last week. This is supposed to be a baby storm before a blizzard begins tomorrow evening. Still, it’s beautiful out there.


I wade through almost knee deep snow in parts that haven’t been previously shoveled. It’s soft and fluffy, and deep enough to flop back and make a snow angel.


But the best part is really seeing the landscape covered in snow. The incoming tide eating away at the snow banks, the dead husks of queen anne’s lace getting new life, dried sea grass poking up in golden stalks, and the dark trees shaded in white all make a peaceful landscape to enjoy.

I only turn back when I realize the tide might trap me on the shore. It’s only a few minutes before my phone and the camera on it shuts down with a decided case of hypothermia. Next time I’ll remember to layer it up as well.

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